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Pressure and Level Transmitters Conmark Products

Pressure and Level Transmitters

Model CPT-8 and Model CPT-2 Transmitters The model CPT-8 and CPT-2 are compact and robust “All stainless steel” pressure and level transmitters. They are designed to use in pulp and papermill applications on stock lines, refiners, screens, cleaners, tanks, etc. The “conventional” model CPT-8 and “intelligent” model CPT-2 are both fully temperature compensated and have […]

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ProEye® CS Consistency Transmitter Conmark Products

ProEye® CS Consistency Transmitter

A “New” Consistency Measurement that is Easy to Own! Conmark ProEye® CS resets the bar in consistency measurement and control by using a patented measuring technique to determine the total consistency properties of a pulp mixture. Add Conmark® remote calibration and configuration service combined with intuitive configuration menus, makes the ProEye® unlike any other consistency […]

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ProEye®100 Conmark Products


ProEye® 100 uses a proprietary measuring technique to determine the properties of the pulp. By calculating a matrix of strobed LED responses from the furnish, the ProEye® 100 produces real-time Pulp properties reading for use by operations. ProEye® 100 has two independent process variables it can measure simultaneously, like Consistency and Freeness or Ash and […]

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Conmark® Agitator Conmark Products

Conmark® Agitator

The unique solution that can be retro-fit to your existing installations. Its Constant Pitch technology will provide you with increased mixing at a lower horsepower consumption reducing energy usage and eliminating variability from your process.

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ProEye® CA Wet End Charge Analyzer Conmark Products

ProEye® CA Wet End Charge Analyzer

Streaming Current Technology for Paper Machine Control The Wet End Charge Analyzer gives the ability to optimize wet-end chemistry and control anionic trash. The Charge Analyzer is used as well to quantify the effect of various additives on system charge, providing a useful tool for assessing and improving process efficiency. Manufactured for easy maintenance and […]

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ProEye® PCA Desktop Charge Analyzer Conmark Products

ProEye® PCA Desktop Charge Analyzer

Charge Measurement and Charge Demand Analysis The Conmark® ProEye Particle Charge Analyzer measures ionic and colloidal charge in liquid samples. Optimum chemical dosage can be determined much quicker than with standard “jar testing”. Anionic or cationic charge demand is determined by titration. The digital display indicates the zero-charge endpoint value when titrating. Benefits: • Establish […]

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Multi Flow Unit Oil Lubrication & Monitoring Systems

Multi Flow Unit

This seal water control unit has been especially developed to monitor the amount of seal water used in mechanical dual seals in the pulp- and paper industries. It can take care of all flow adjustments and monitor for changes.

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SZ8 Seal Cooler Oil Lubrication & Monitoring Systems

SZ8 Seal Cooler

Thermosiphon System is designed with an advanced and completely new ways to succeed simple and robust structure. This loop ensures the seal remains lubricated and cooled, preventing it from running dry and extending its lifespan.

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FO-Oil Flow Meter Oil Lubrication & Monitoring Systems

FO-Oil Flow Meter

FO-Oil Flow circulation lubrication meters unique self-cleaning technology ensures that the flow tube indicator remains clean. The measuring technique is based on pressure differences. Flow rate is constant and accurate.

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Oil Lubrication Unit (C-Lube LU) Oil Lubrication & Monitoring Systems

Oil Lubrication Unit (C-Lube LU)

Our C-Lube concept comprises all modern technologies together with optimized assembly principles in order to ensure reliable operation of the complete lubrication system and ease of its maintenance.

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C-Dry Air Space Dryer Oil Lubrication & Monitoring Systems

C-Dry Air Space Dryer

The C-Dry Air Space Dryer has been specially designed for circulating oil lubrication systems.

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Automation and services for the pulp and paper industries

We are built around the belief that providing our customers with top-of-the-line products is essential, but not enough. Products alone do not constitute a solution. Therefore, we offer solution programs rather than just individual products.

With Conmark’s® deep expertise in paper and pulp industries, you gain access to intelligent, integrated, and comprehensive processes for chemical and mechanical pulping. Our portfolio is backed by robust research and development, ensuring exceptional quality of end-products. Trust Conmark® team for enhanced process efficiency and heightened business profitability.

We provide services for the pulp and paper industry and the following intelligent automation solutions: Conmark® agitators and analyzers to measure and regulate oil, water flow and pressure for safe operating conditions; oil and water flow control products to help reducing water and oil consumption,

Contact us for more information on how we can help you!