Multi Flow Unit

The Multi FlowUnit is a specialized seal water control unit designed specifically for monitoring the usage of seal water in mechanical dual seals, primarily in the pulp and paper industries. With a single Multi FlowUnit, you can effortlessly manage all flow adjustments and closely monitor any changes in the seal or the amount of seal water being used.

Featuring dual functionality within a single body, the Multi FlowUnit offers zero-flow (non-flow) capability for dual seals, as well as regular flush and pressure control. Remarkably, it can detect even minor leakages in dual seals, with a sensitivity that detects as low as 0.1 liters (0.025 US gallons) of seal water into or out of the product. By connecting an inductive sensor to the Multi FlowUnit, seal leakage can be efficiently identified. This eliminates the need for multiple accessories, streamlining maintenance processes and reducing costs.

Moreover, the Multi FlowUnit incorporates an improved operating principle, enabling greater tolerance for impurities in the seal water. As an added benefit, it can also function as a standalone leakage sensor, enhancing its versatility and ensuring comprehensive seal water control and detection.