Pulp & Paper Mill Inspection Services

Conmark Systems® Inc. offers not only consulting services but can also serve as a partner to your pulp and packaging company. Together as a team, we can work to reduce variability, make better pulp and paper products, and reduce costs in your mill.

Our comprehensive approach begins with a meticulous performance audit specifically tailored to your board or paper mill. This allows us to identify key areas for optimization and establish target values, encompassing factors such as savings and emissions. Advanced optimization solutions are subsequently implemented across the identified areas to successfully meet these target values.

Once the initial optimization of your production processes is accomplished, our commitment extends to continuous performance monitoring and ongoing optimization. This ensures that your production processes consistently operate at their maximum potential, yielding optimal production performance.

Reducing Variability for Consistent Outcomes

Achieving consistent and high-quality product outcomes relies on minimizing variability within the papermaking process. Factors such as liquor recovery systems and the quality of chemicals used in the digester can affect fiber development, thereby introducing variabilities into the papermaking process. By diligently reducing variability, mills can ensure more reliable and predictable production, delivering a paper that consistently meets customer specifications.

Benefits of Conmark Systems® Process Optimization

  • Reduction of raw material consumption and associated costs
  • Enhanced controllability and stability of key paper variables
  • Improved responsiveness to process changes, resulting in faster reaction times
  • Increased consistency by minimizing variance between shifts
  • Achieving a more stable process overall
  • Reduced occurrence of errors in process operation