SZ8 Seal Cooler

The SZ8 SealCooler™ thermosiphon system, is designed for use with double mechanical seals with pumping features, creates a closed sealing liquid circulation loop. This loop ensures the seal remains lubricated and cooled, preventing it from running dry and extending its lifespan. Compared to external flow-through systems, the SZ8 SealCooler™ thermosiphon system offers significant savings in seal water consumption. Its structure is characterized by simplicity, robustness, and reliability. Optional features can be selected to meet specific seal flushing system requirements.

The basic scope of the SZ8 SealCooler™ thermosiphon system includes:

  • Ball valve
  • Hoses (3 m / 10 ft. length) with fittings
  • Level indicator
  • Pressure gauge
  • Relief valve
  • Reservoir with a volume of 8 liters/2 USg
  • Support foot/base
  • Temperature gauge

Main Features:

  • Designed for both pressurized and non-pressurized double seals (API 52 and 53)
  • Suitable for water, glycol-water, and white oil applications
  • Maximum process temperature: 100˚C/210˚F
  • Sealing fluid temperature range: -20 to 70˚C/-4 to 158˚F
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar/145 psi
  • Manufactured using AISI304 stainless steel

Experience remarkable savings on sealing liquid costs with the SZ8 SealCooler. Its robust and reliable construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the wide selection of optional features allows for customization. Upgrade today and revolutionize your sealing solution!