Conmark® Agitator

Bad agitation is the major source of variability in current Pulp and Paper Processes and with Conmark® Agitators it can be drastically improved. If a pulp and water mixture is allowed to stand in a chest for just a short period of time, the fiber and water mixture will begin to separate. When this occurs, the chest contents are composed of irregular high-consistency zones that cannot easily be re-introduced to the papermaking process. These stock irregularities create consistency variations. Agitation in a stock chest is the only way to keep the stock from dewatering. Conmark’s® Mixers and Agitators are a unique solution that can be retro-fit to your existing installations. Its Constant Pitch technology will provide you with increased mixing at a lower horsepower consumption reducing energy usage and eliminating variability from your process. By changing the existing agitator propeller and/or motor, you can use the existing chest to significantly improve performance toward complete uniformity.

Conmark® Agitator Main Features

  • The Constant Pitch axial high-flow impeller saves up to 35% in energy.
  • Increases the flow of the agitation by more than 75%.
  • Guaranteed Variability less than 0.1% Consistency.