RQP Automatic Roll Profiler – COMING SOON!

Tapio RQP Automatic Roll Quality Profiler
for the Inspection of Outgoing Rolls

The new Tapio RQP Automatic Quality paper roll profiler is an automatic version of the mobile system. Fully automated quality profile is a single measurement to confirm roll quality. Quality profiles provide valuable information to maintain optimal process parameters.

Automatic TAPIO RQP Profiler applications include paper, board, and plastic films. Typical installations are at wrap lines or rewinders. The primary function of the automated system is to confirm the overall quality of outgoing customer rolls.

TAPIO RQP Profilers produce hardness profiles that can see the quality variation far better than normal online sensors. This is because Tapio RQP effectively measures hundreds of layers with every hit.

Connections between RQP profile variations and issues such as bagginess become profoundly clear.
The automatic TAPIO RQP Profiler allows all of the outgoing rolls to be verified for top quality to prevent sending tons of paper rolls into the broke pit or avoid customer claims.

Features of the Automatic RQP:

Fully automated roll quality profiler
Precise robotic sensor movements to avoid human hand errors
Confirm overall roll quality
Rule out off-spec rolls
Roll ranking based on profile and key values (COV)
Quality rolls are shipped to customers.
Totally automatic quality inspection of customer rolls.
Rate your Roll Quality and Report to your customers.