Roll Quality Profiler

The TAPIO Roll Quality Profiler is a versatile and efficient tool designed for easy and fast roll quality maintenance. It serves as a paper roll hardness tester, film roll hardness tester, and can be used for measuring various other types of rolls. Its measurement system offers a simple procedure to ensure smooth roll performance at customer sites.

With TAPIO RQP Profilers, you can obtain hardness profiles that excel in detecting quality variations compared to QCS scanners. This is made possible because the Tapio RQP accurately measures hundreds of layers in a single measurement. As a result, the connections between RQP profile variations and issues such as bagginess become significantly clearer and easier to identify.

Main features:

  • Measurement frequency: 30Hz (30 hits/s)
  • Measurement range: adjustable
  • Removable media: Secure Digital card up to 1GB
  • Wireless: Bluetooth v2.0
  • Barcode reader: built-in camera, range 1-30cm