PapEye Mottling Analysis

The PapEye Mottling Analysis tool is specifically designed to provide a straightforward and precise analysis of print mottling. By utilizing your scanner, you can generate input files and conveniently upload them to the PapEye Mottling tool, allowing for the evaluation of print quality.

Mottling Relevance and Mottling Curve

The relevance of mottling and its evaluation is determined by the sensitivity of the human eye to different flaw sizes on the surface being observed. Smaller flaw sizes, characterized by lower wavelengths, are less detectable to the human eye due to their fine structures. On the other hand, larger flaw sizes are more easily noticed and trigger higher sensitivity. The mottling score is calculated based on the flaw sizes outlined in the ISO/IEC 24790 standard, taking into account the varying sensitivities of the human eye.