Flow Unit FLC200

FlowUnit/FLC200 was developed specifically to monitor the amount of seal water used in rotating shaft seals in the pulp and paper industries. It is possible to tell the condition of the seal from one glance.

The sealing of rotating shafts is a significant cost factor in process industries. For this reason, it is not irrelevant how sealing water flows and how it is monitored. Unnecessary seal water results in excess raw and wastewater usage. By controlling seal water amounts it is possible to decrease the costs incurred through reduced water demand and wastewater loads. FlowUnit seal water control unit is an invaluable tool for dealing with these unnecessary costs.


  • FC – For packings and single mechanical seals.
  • FCQ – For pressureless seals; Quench seals.
  • FCP – For double mechanical seals.
  • 8035 – Maintenance free digital flow meter for controlling seal water of vacuum pumps