Inray Online Real Time Chip Moisture Analyzer

The Inray Online Chip Moisture Analyzer offers a real-time measuring and optimization system based on x-ray technology to determine wood chip quality in your pulp mill. The system is suitable for all solid wood chips and provides monitoring of moisture content, foreign matter concentrations and wood chips volume flow. 

As wood chips move down the conveyor, the Inray is continuously analyzing 100% of the material. The system is also fully automatic and is compatible with all modern automation and management systems. Not only does the system give real-time data for process control but also the interface offers: 
  • real-time moisture and foreign matter data
  • x-ray video
  • alarms to the main system
  • reporting tools

​​The Inray Application Technology 
The main system components includes a radiation source (electric) placed above a belt or scrape conveyer and a radiation sensing detector under the conveyer (230 Vac / 16A). As the wood chips move down the conveyer belt, the moisture content and foreign matter are analyzed in real-time from x-ray images.  The software recognizes foreign materials from the x-ray image. The data presented for a specific incoming load are derived from 500-4000 x-ray images. A laser scanner measures  the volume flow of the wood chips. Additionally to maximize performance of the Inray, the maximum belt speed should be approx. 3 m/sec and the maximum measurement of the thickness of wood chips on conveyor should be 400 -500 mm.

Cost Savings
The Inray offers cost savings from a multitude of sources: 
  • Improved efficiency
  • More reliable pricing
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs
  • Lower sampling and analysis costs
  • Reduced amount of ash by reducing impurities

Manufactured by: Protacon Group, Finland