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Tasowheel CD Actuators and Valves for the Paper and Board industry

Original CD Profiling Components Over 30 years’ Experience

Already over 200.000 Tasowheel actuators and dilution valves are used around the world.

Tasowheel's comprehensive delivery for CD control system modernization includes the valves and actuators as well as link connection to the existing QCS system and CD-control software with an actuator maintenance interface.

Tasowheel provides maintenance and repair services throughout the entire life cycle of our products. Tasowheel actuators are well known for their
long life cycle and reliability. Our goal is to ensure efficient and uninterrupted production for our customers

  • Dilution
  • Dilution Valves
  • .Coating
  • Steam
  • Moisturizing
  • Slice lip
  • Dilution actuators
  • Steam actuators
  • Profiling actuators for headboxes
  • Coating profiling actuators
CD Controls 

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RDA-W LDA-1520

Dilution valves



RDV 90 Degrees CA-5000

 Steam                                                           Moisturizing

STA-1015 Alfa-0260

Slice Lip

ML-5005 ML-5010

ML-25005 Forte-5010

Examples of older Tasowheel actuators:

Dilution actuators

Steam actuators

Coating profiling actuators

Profiling actuators for headboxes

Manufacturer: Tasowheel Systems Oy; Tampere, Finland ;


Tasowheel Systems Oy specializes in the production of motion requiring exceptional precision

Our core expertise are the design and manufacturing of compact electromechanical motion components. As a leading manufacturer of tailored actuators for controls, we provide strong expertise in problem-solving situations and product development projects.

Tasowheel Systems Oy’s expertise is based on its decades of experience, systematic specialization as well as its employees’ professionalism. Our aim is to exceed standard quality requirements cost-effectively while responding to the market’s increasingly stringent expectations.

Tasowheel Systems Oy’s modern machine park and continuous operational development, combined with our design and manufacturing expertise, guarantees our ability to supply our customers with products whose competitiveness and quality improve the performance of finished products. Our skilled personnel consists of engineers with a university degree, engineers and experts in commercial affairs. We also have over 20 well trained workers in our production.

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