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Seal Water Control Unit

FlowUnit (seal water control) has been especially developed to monitor the amount of seal water used inCharge Analyzer Enclosure rotating shaft seals, seal space pressures and seal conditions in the pulp and paper industries. It is possible to tell from one glance at the FlowUnit the condition of the seal. Rotating shaft sealing is a significant cost factor in process industries. For this reason, the way sealing water flows and how it is monitored are different. It is a fact that unnecessary seal wear results in excess raw and wastewater handling. Through controlling seal water amounts, it is possible to decrease costs incurred through reduced water demand and wastewater loads. FlowUnit is an invaluable tool for dealing with these unnecessary costs.

FlowUnit prevents dry running of shaft seal solutions and at the same time cools, if required, the seal area. In addition, the unit maintains a manageable amount of flow leakage preventing material wear from blocking the seal area.
FlowUnit also assists in optimizing the amount of seal water usage. At the same time, it reduces wastewater loads and enables seal solutions to operate reliably and with a longer service life. The FlowUnit setting indicator shows pressure and flow changes as compared to the initial values.

Seal Damage
A normal cause of damage to shaft seals is the dry running of mechanical seals and the depletion of impregnated material in cord packing. In such circumstances, both seal types deteriorate from a non-conforming seal water control unit.
Failure to ensure seal water in cord packing seals, results in the burning of the seal, which causes depletion of impregnated material and ultimately results in overheating through friction. Such conditions result in cord packing seals hardening and the end of their service life.
Failure to ensure seal water to mechanical shaft seals, results in the overheating of moving surfaces and in surface damage. For this reason, seals begin to leak and require either replacement or repair. The advantage of cord packing seals is that they can be tightened..


Manufacturer: Flow Control Oy; Muurame, Finland;

Operating Principle of Seal Water Meter:

The amount of flow is determined by the float (2), which in conjunction with the internally constructed fixed cone (3) forms a precise and stable flow meter. Changes in the cross section between the float and cone, form changes in differential pressure, which correspond to the exact amount of flow. Sealing water is directed into the meter via the bottom hose inlet connector and to the flow adjustment valve (1). Then, it is directed to the measuring section. The set pressure change value of the float, in the measuring section, defines the position of the float. Sealing water leaves the measuring section via a channel to the check valve (4) and from there to the seal. Required seal water is lead to the pressure adjustment module located under the flow meter, which adjusts the required back- pressure amounts in the dual action seal. The amount of flow is accurately indicated on the gauge on the meter body. The actual amount of flow is adjusted by the flow adjustment valve (1). This is also true when there is a pressure adjustment module (5) in addition to the regulator valve.

Charge Analyzer Enclosure

Keeping the seal water control unit clean
The display on the flow meter must remain clean and this is achieved using the cleaner provided (6). The flow pipe may be cleaned at any time, as this does not affect changes in the amounts of seal water, pressure or pressure shocks.

The blockage free check valve is standard in every flow meter.

An internally constructed and replaceable check valve ensures complete seal operation conformity e.g. against pressure shocks. The check valve is located on the clean water side and it has no springs or moving mechanical parts.