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Satron VC Next Generation Optical Consistency Transmitter

Now Finally Technology to Replace Old Mechanical TransmittersSatron VC

SATRON VCT uses the latest optical consistency transmitter technology and its improved design fits many mill applications. The Satron VCT has already proven to have product excellence, reliability without failures, and a competitive price point. Typical applications include measurements to screens, outlet from HD tower chests, HW, SW chests, screen rejects and many others. The Satron VCT can provide an accurate and reliable consistency measurement without need for regular maintenance. Unlike shear force technology, the Satron VC is immune to changes in process conditions such as flow rate, pressure, and temperature. The sensor can even be installed right next to a pump and can be removed and installed without shutting down the process line.

Remote display unit

The Satron VCT transmitter remote display unit can be installed up to 10m away from the sensing unit. Inside the Display unit is a terminal for up to 3 binary inputs, 3 relay outputs and 2 analog milliamp loops. All connections can be used simultaneously. Intuitive, menu driven interface features simple set-up, calibration and troubleshooting functions.

Excellent reliability
The Satron VCT has proven to have excellent reliability without failures. Depend on Satron VC for a reliable and maintenance-free consistency measurement

Click link below to download software or documents

 Mounting Transmitter     Startup Guide      Spec Sheet       Instruction Manual        PC Interface Software

PC Interface
When you want to have all the operations of the Smart transmitter, we recommend the use of Satron-VO advisor Service Software program. Conmark Systems can deliver you the optional program, HART-modem and HP-2133 Mini Note PC.Computer Interface




Sample Valve 










Zero and Span adjustments
Zero elevation: Calibrated span is freely selectable on the specified range depending from the desired option. This can be made by using keyboard with optional display or PC with HART communicator..Installation

High reliability, easy maintenance
No moving parts and no in-line projections guarantee high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. The absence of moving parts also greatly reduces costs for consumables like O-rings and bearings.

Inserting Transmitter

Removal Tool
Above is the picture of the optional transmitter removal and insertion tool

Easy operation
Setting the measurement range and calibrating the meter are easily done via key operations while viewing the LCD display.VCT Connection


Mounting the Transmitter

Mounting Position 

4-20mA Connection

Manufacturer: Satron Inc.; Tampere, Finland;

Satron VC Optical Consistency Transmitter features:

  • 4-20mA two wire connection
  • Reliable-proven with over 100 installations
  • No moving parts, No regular maintenance
  • Excellent Repeatability, Linearity and Resolution
  • Single point calibration
  • Immune for process conditions change:
    • Flow rate, pressure, temperature, turbulence
  • HART Protocol interface included
    • Industry standard to calibrate transmitter

Popular Applications:

  • HD Tower outlet
  • HW and SW Chests
  • Screen inlets
  • Feed to Bleach Plant
  • Screen Rejects
  • Groundwood

Materials of Construction:

  • Sensor: AISI316L or Hast.C276 or Titanium
  • Coupling: AISI316L or Hast.C276 or Titanium
  • Window: Safir glass


  • Measuring range 0 - 7% Consistency
  • Transmitter:3 wire connection(3W)
  • Repeatability 0.01%
  • Line Temperature: -30 to 140 ºC (-22 to 285 ºF)
  • Damping: 0.01-60sec
  • Supply Voltage: 24VDC

Application Details:

The Satron VCT transmitters offer unsurpassed performance in broad range of pulp and paper applications, meeting your accuracy requirements in real process environment.
The unique measuring probe design of the VCT combined with the latest high end electro-optical components ensures that the signal-to-noise ratio can be kept very high at all times, in all applications.

 The high signal-to-noise ratio gives the transmitter the ability to produce excellent and accurate results virtually independent of process variables (process pressure, air, flow rate, color, brightness, conductivity) and the ability to withstand ash fluctuations (picture below:

LWC PM broke thickener feed consistency

LWC PM broke thickener feed Cs) expanding the application scope compared to many other optical transmitters on the market. Applicability with the delivered and successfully up-started units range from RCF pulpers to PM machine chest and broke applications as well as to the various fiber line applications (bleaching feed, washing, drying machine) to the typical optical consistency applications in mechanical pulping, like screen room applications.

LWC Trend

Washer Feed Consistency After Delignification

Figure below shows the VCT compared to a blade and rotary. As seen the optical is up for the task. When comparing rotating technology and optical, the following can be said:
• Rotary requires service were as optical is service free.
• Rotary is heavy on installation cost, sealing water, 3-phase power, etc. Optical is not.
• Rotary requires a shut down if it fails. Optical can be removed even if the process is
• Optical can be mounted closer to the pump to minimize any delay in dilution loop.

Washer Feed Consistency

Bleach Plant Feed Consistency

In this case, the mill had tried a rotary and a blade without success. They ended up with a leading manufacturers optical consistency meter, which they have been happy with since 2004. Recently they gave Satron an opportunity to compare a VCT next to their existing optical meter and the results are shown in Figure 6. The difference between the VCT and the existing meter is only ±0.1 %Cs and easily falls within the lab testing error. In other words, the VCT performed as well as the existing optical transmitter.

Bleach Plant Feed Consistency