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Pulp and Recovery Process Saving Potentials

Did you know that in a typical US. Pulp Mill it is possible to reduce your Make-up Chemical consumption by up to 5% and your Fuel and Steam cost up to 6% with minimal investment cost?
Simultaneously you would be able to improve your Kappa Control allowing easily an average of 2.4% increase resulting in 0.5% Yield increase, thus providing almost free additional pulp of 3,500BDT/yr. And how about those over 40% of mills having some kind of bottleneck situation, mostly in the Evaporation and Recovery Boiler areas? In average we can help these situations by a 2.3% increase in the throughput, that most users would prefer to convert to an additional production of about 9,500 BDT/yr.

Have you or have you ever assigned your Engineering team to think through all the possible saving areas available in the pulping process from Recovery Boiler to H.D. Pulp? Here is a practical list of most of them:

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  • Savings in the make-up Saltcake.
  • Saving in energy due to increased TTA average
  • Reduced Kappa STD due to more uniform TTA resulting in constant EA (AA) to digester(s), thus making it possible to increase yield with almost free revenue.
  • Reduced Caustic make-up due to less carry-over losses at Brown Stock Washing.Duralizer Liquor Analyzer
  • Reduced Fresh Lime make-up.
  • Reduced energy on Brown Stock Washing
  • Reduced energy on Kamyr/Batch Digester(s).
  • Energy saving on Recovery Boiler(s).
  • Less Dead Load chemicals in the circulation liquor.


  • Additional reduction on Kappa (K-no) variation resulting in higher yield and revenue.
  • Additional chemical savings in cooking (and bleaching).
  • Additional energy savings in cooking, kiln and evaporators.
  • Additional energy savings in cooking, kiln and evaporators.

Brown Stock Washing:

  • Additional saving in Caustic make-up and Evaporation steam.

Lime Kiln(s):

  • Energy savings due to lower excess 02, lower flue gas temperatures and more uniform residual carbonate.


  • Chemical savings due to more uniform Kappa (K-no.) coming from Cooking.
  • Chemical saving at the ClO2 Plant due to better Conversion Efficiency.


What makes this possible?

1) New generation optical NIR (near infrared) spectral technology. A fully automated analyzer package under the trade-mark of Duralyzer-NIR being manufactured by R.E, Hodges, LLC company out of Auburn, Alabama, USA. All liquor sampling related problems, spectrometer robustness issues, keeping the optics and sampling lines from scaling up by periodic and automatic acid cleaning followed by a self-calibration cycle have been resolved with a physically small and environmentally self-contained design and construction. With some 35 lab and field installations the Analyzer has a proven track record of close to 10 years of accurate and reliable service within leading US. P & P Manufacturers.
2) Opti-series State-of-the-Art Control Systems developed by in-house experts that combine both the actual chemistry of these processes with the latest software tools like MPC (Model Predictive Controller), DBC (Dead Band Controller) and SPC (Statistical Process Controller).

Conmark solutions:

1) The heart of the control strategy is the installation of the Duralyzer-NIR sampling analyzer to monitor liquor properties throughout the process in question. The measurements are passed to the Customer’s DCS system via a dedicated computer connection utilizing Modbus link.
2) Emerson DeltaVTM Software is our standard set-up, but other DCS solutions are available. The information is transferred to the DeltaV Control Computer via an OPC link, where sorting logic is used to update the data values into modules used to track each sampling point. Depending on the process in question, control setpoints are calculated using both feedforward and feedback techniques and the results are read back into the DCS operator controller, again via OPC.


Extensive mill studies as well as actual data collection from mill installations indicate, in average, an estimated first year ROI of 355% or less than 15 weeks. This is based on a mill size of 800,000 Stons/yr production, 56% yield and 270 Stons/day kiln production.


Liquor Analysis:

The NIR spectroscopy has shown to be able to measure e.g. the following Kraft mill liquor properties with an accuracy of 0.99 or better correlation coefficient with the lab:

  • TTA – Total titratable alkali
  • AA – Active Alkali
  • EA – Effective alkali
  • TDS – Total Dissolved solids
  • TDD – Total Dissolved dead load
  • RE – Reduction efficiency
  • REA – Residual effective alkali
  • RAA – Residual active alkali
  • TDO– Total Dissolved Organics


Duralizer Liquor Analyzer

The transmission cell provides a means for NIR radiation to interact with the process sample while isolating the light source, fiber optic cable and spectrometer from the process. A typical transmission cell is composed of a body with appropriate sample inlet and outlet connections and a pair of optical couplers to deliver light to the sample and collect light after interaction with the sample.

The optical couplers house a set of lenses to focus the radiation onto the tip of the fiber optic cable. The ends of the couplers in contact with the process sample have windows, usually sapphire, to provide a transparent optical path for the entering and exiting light as well as providing isolation from the process sample. Sapphire is usually the material of choice for the coupler windows due to its combination of hardness, chemical and heat resistance and transparency over a broad range of wavelengths.

Duralyzer Installations

Spectroscopic based measurement solutions hold the key to solving most if not all of the difficult measurement applications in the process industries. R. E. Hodges, LLC was formed to develop these measurement and control solutions so traditional lab based testing for quality control can be replaced by real time online measurements coupled with advanced control methods. Duralyzer, our NIR Liquor Analyzer is unique compared to traditional spectrometer manufacturers in the fact that it is a turnkey measurement and control solution, based on spectroscopic methods, that has been tailored to suit the application.

When an analyzer leaves our manufacturing facility it has been optimized for the application and is guaranteed to have minimal installation requirements and minimal continuing maintenance requirements. We are so confident in our products that we include a complete money back guarantee if the customer is not totally satisfied with the performance of the product.