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Scienta Wet End Scanner with Microwave Basis Weight and Moisture

The Scienta Model 9145 single sided scanner has been developed for the harsh environment found in Wet End of the Paper. The entire body of the scanner is made of stainless steel and it uses components specifically chosen to withstand high temperatures and high levels of humidity.

The Single Sided sensor is positioned either in a single point on the web or it moves across the web scanning the entire web width. A unique double casing with efficient cooling keeps the sensor electronics operational even under highly demanding conditions. The intelligent scanner responds to web breaks and other external commands and it monitors the temperature of the cooling system as well as the sensor electronics itself.

The sensor window is kept clean by a constant air flow, which also keeps any humidity out of the sensor housing. A tooth belt driven stainless steel linear track guides the sensor movement on the web. Not only does this guarantee accuracy, but it is tough enough to ensure years of trouble free operation

Wet End Scanner 

Wet End Moisture Scanner for Paper and Board Machines

Temperature Tolerant Scanning for Advanced Basis Weight and Moisture Profile Control

TechnologyMoisture Scanner
Standard features of the Scienta 9145 scanner are an AC electrical motor with a sealed gearbox, end limit switches and a linear track with stainless steel parts. A standard frequency inverter enables a smooth and fast response and controls the sensor movement on the web. The scanner is controlled by a standard PLC. A large duct fan blows air into the frame keeping the scanner frame pressurized. This helps to keep the steam out of the frame although all parts are stainless. The unique box frame is rigid yet light in construction.

Super Fast Scienta 7250C Single Sided  Basis Weight and Moisture SensorBasis Weight and Moisture Sensor
The Scienta 7250C sensor for Paper and Paperboard is fast, compact and is highly reliable even in adverse conditions. It has been designed to work under tough conditions. Special cooling techniques like refrigerated air and double casings are used to enable a trouble free operation even in demanding press section applications.

Scienta 7250C is a new revolutionary non-radioactive measurement technology for the measurement of Basis Weight and Moisture for the Wet End of the Paper Machines and Dryer lines. Both measurements are applied in the same sensor. Sensor is manufactured around enhanced patented Microwave technology. Due to new microwave technology sensor provides ultra wide measurement range for Basis Weight and Moisture. Sensor has built-in compensation for X-Y-Z movement. The Microwave sensor 7250C is designed and solidly built to withstand heat, dust, resin, etc. and relies on 50 years of measurement experience.

Manufacturer: Scienta Oy; Jorvas, Finland;

Sensor Technical Specifications:

  • Moisture range: 0.5 to 70 %
  • Measurement spot: 30 x 40 mm true spot
  • Measuring distance: 200 - 300 mm
  • Interfaces: Profibus DP
  • Basis Weight penetration depth: Up to 150 g/m²
  • Lamp life expectancy MTBF: 175.000 h (20 years)
  • Repeatability (2 sigma): 0,1 %
  • Accuracy (2 sigma): 0,25 %
  • Physical dimensions: 85 x 125 x 180 mm
  • Resolution: 0.01 %
  • Lens purge: Clean, instrument air

Scanner Specifications:

ConstructionWet End Scanner
Stainless steel box frame on a 120 x 200 mm RHS Steel beam support.
Physical Dimensions
Scanner width max 8000 mm(315”)
Frame size: 185 x 260 mm
Sensor enclosure dimensions: 190 x 240 x 160 mm Frame Weight: 30 kg/m + RHS beam weight
Maximum Sheet Width 7000 mm(275”)
Scanning Speed Electrical motor controlled by inverter. Normal scanning speed is 100 – 300 mm/s.
Head Positioning
Wet End Scanner
The head uses position encoder to reach a specific location on the track. Positioning accuracy is +/- 2 mm.
Maximum Ambient Temperature
130 ºC(265ºF) using cooling air for frame and refrigerated instrument air for sensor. Double casing for head.
Power Requirement, Instrument Air
110-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 kW max. 6 bars (90psi) oilfree (0.01 µm filter) 100 l/min.
Drive Belt
Steel reinforced polyurethane timing belt (high temperature version).
Scanner Drive
60 W AC motor with heavy duty toothwheel gear box.
Guiding system
4 Stainless steel wheels on round stainless steel guides.