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Conmark Agitators and Mixers

High-Efficiency Constant Pitch Impeller

Bad Agitation is the major source for Variability in current Pulp and Paper Processes and with Conmark Agitators it can be drastically improved. If a pulp and water mixture is allowed to stand in a chest for just a short period of time, the fiber and water mixture will begin to separate. When this occurs, the chest content is composed of irregular high consistency zones that cannot easily be re-introduced to the papermaking process. These stock irregularities create consistency variations.

Agitation in a stock chest is the only way to keep the stock from dewatering. With good agitation, and good consistency control, it is possible to re-introduce a uniform stock back to the process. When a process was first designed, the agitators were configured for the process conditions at that time. But since start up, many changes may have been made to the process that may have made the agitator performance inadequate for the current process conditions.

 It is necessary to analyze the performance of the agitators to understand its effects on end product quality. An undersized agitator inadequately agitates a Stock Chest and does not improve the uniformity of the stock. It may actually increase variability. Even with a consistency control loop downstream of the chest, the chest variations may exceed the capability of the consistency control loop. Then, more consistency variability is introduced into the stock. The opportunity to reduce process variations exists today. If variations are present in the stock out of a chest, a careful analysis of each agitator's performance is necessary.

There are good solutions to agitator problems. Conmark's Mixers and Agitators are a unique solution that can be retro-fit to your existing installations. Its Constant Pitch technology will provide you increased mixing at lower horsepower consumption reducing energy consumption and eliminating variability from your process.


Energy Savings
Too often, industry consumes too much energy unnecessarily in blending processes – either application with Conmark technology offers not only the most energy efficient impeller design available, but provides the technical expertise necessary to its customers for dimensioning each agitator properly for the specific application.

Stock ChestGreen Liquor Clarifier

                 Stock Chest                                 Green Liquor Clarifier

Conmark High-Efficiency Constant Pitch Impeller features:

  • Increased Agitation with a notable benefit of improved blending in pulp and paper applications is a decrease in the variation of the process consistency. By changing the existing agitator propeller and/or motor, you can use the existing chest to significantly improve performance toward complete uniformity.
  • Custom design Conmark Mixers and Agitators are designed to be easily accessible and are reducing the cost of installations and maintenance.
  • The Constant Pitch axial high flow impeller saves up to 35% in energy compared to conventional blade designs, and increases the flow of the agitation by more than 75%.

Popular Applications:

  • Machine Chests
  • Broke Chests
  • Couch pit & press pit
  • HD Towers
  • Blending chests
  • Chemical (make-up)
  • Clay (make-down)
  • Causticizing
  • Smelt Dissolvingrs
  • Sodium Sulfate mixers
  • Black liquor agitation

Materials of Construction:

  • Standard SS 304
  • SS 316
  • Other materials available upon request

Popular Designs:

  • V-belt drive for Side Entry
  • Gear box transmissions
    for Top Entry and
    Bottom Entry agitators