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Brown Stock Washing BLOX Causticizing Continuous Digester Batch Digester Dissolving Tank Lime Kiln Dry End Stock Prep Variable Reduction Wet End Process Mining
Agitators Chip Moisture Consistency Diff. Pressure Edge Guide Oil Flow PASVE Isolation valve Pressure Sample Valves Seal Water Flow Solid Content Turbidity Web Break Detector
Agitators Basis Weight Charge Chip Moisture Consistency Desktop Kappa Desktop Liquor Diff. Pressure Edge Guide Event Analyzer Liquor Analyzer Lime Kiln Microwave Basis Weight Oil Flow Paper Moisture PASVE Isolation valve Pressure ProcessMiner Property Predictor Portable Video Sample Valves Seal Water Flow Solid Content Turbidity Web Break Detector Wet End Scanner
Stock Prep Dry End Wet End
Brown Stock Washing BLOX Causticizing Continuous Digester Batch Digester Dissolving Tank Lime Kiln
Microwave Basis Weight Impregnated NonWoven

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Conmark Systems Inc.

Conmark Systems Inc. is an Atlanta, Georgia based corporation serving the Pulp and Paper Industry in North America. Our goal is to provide continuous improvement solutions to mill operations utilizing Six Sigma principles and programs  and solutions for variability reductions.
Conmark Systems Inc. believes that providing our customers with top-of-the-line products is essential, but not enough. Therefore, we offer solution programs rather than individual products.
These programs combine expert industry domain expertise, various leading edge products, and comprehensive customer support.
The products incorporated into our solutions are specifically chosen to be the most suitable for tackling current problems in the Pulp and Paper Industry environment25 Years Serving the Pulp and Paper Industry


Conmark Systems has worked aggressively to develop partnerships with domestic and international companies to provide process improvement solutions for several pulp and paper processes providing superior return on investment. Our ever growing list of solution partners currently includes  Emerson Process Management, R.E.Hodges, Scienta,   Our current list of solutions include: Variability Reduction in Pulp and Paper mill areas, Liquor Analysis and Control in the Pulp mill, Causticizing and Recovery areas, Wet and Dry End controls on Paper machines and many others. Details of these solution programs are found in other parts of this web site.

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Conmark Systems Instruments Division recognizes that the Pulp and Paper industry constantly requires new tools and techniques to improve competiveness, reduce manufacturing costs and increase operating margins. Our advanced technologies provide a pathway for that to occur in your mill. However, advanced technology will not perform well without high quality measurements and knowledgeable people who can make these measurements successful in your applications. Take advantage of Conmark Systems - Instruments expertise in this area by choosing our high quality measuring products and variability reducing expertise. Conmark’s knowledge and measuring solutions will be configured to meet your unique needs. Our optical Consistency and Turbidity products, specialized pressure measuring devices, agitators, actuators, seal water, oil flow monitoring, etc. can help to reduce maintenance time and improve measurement performance.


Conmark Systems offers products from high tech Microwave Technology to advanced Model Predictive Controllers. Our brand names include CMA, Duralyzer, Scienta QCS and Satron , which are well recognized by professionals in the industry. With our commitment to total excellence in customer support, our knowledge in the area of advanced applications, and our expert services we will help our customers make better decisions, improve process performance, and improve their overall bottom line. Within our offerings are solutions for most process problems and process bottle necks.

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Variability Reduction and Process Mining

A Pulp and Paper process is very complicated process impacted by numerous process parameters in the effort to manufacture a quality products with the minimal cost. To produce high quality product and lower the overall daily cost, pulp and paper mills need to increase their effort in Variability Reduction.

Conmark Systems has worked several years with paper mill customers to develop advanced means of finding root causes for process events and upsets utilizing the mill's existing industrial databases and advanced visual information tools. These advanced technologies help mill personnel reduce breaks, increase runnability of the paper machines, reduce waste and drastically reduce variability in pulp and paper processes. Click for more info.

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